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Awards & Fellowships

Summer Fellowship

(Summer 2023) UC Davis financial fellowship to support research activity over the course of 6 weeks in the summer.

Diverse Mentoring Fellowship

(Fall 2022) UC Davis award recognizing graduate students who are engaged in the sustained mentoring of ethnically and racially diverse undergraduate students and who promote diversity in Psychology.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

(Summer 2018) Fully funded

fellowship to conduct independent research at Boston University over the course of 10 weeks investigating how children’s prosocial behavior changed when they were primed to feel of high subjective social status or low subjective social status.

Dukes Fund Travel Award

(Fall 2022) UC Davis travel award for travel to scientific conferences or workshops.

Commencement Research Award

(May 2020) Boston University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences commencement award recognizing a student who demonstrated a strong commitment to and passion for research during all four years of their undergraduate career.

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