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Free & Accessible Mentorship!


Are you interested in becoming a Mentor? Are you in need of a Mentor? Submit my form below so I can pair you with either a Mentor or a Mentee :)

Thanks for submitting!

How it works

First, specify in the form if you would like to be a mentor to someone or if you would like to receive mentorship. Be as specific as possible, including what you are looking for in a mentor or mentee, what your interests are, and how much time you can commit.

Next, after I receive your submission and find a mentor or mentee whose interests and mentorship style match yours, I will connect you both via email. After this, it is up to you how you would like to communicate with your mentor or mentee!


Are you a UC Davis undergraduate or graduate student?

Consider signing up to be paired with an undergraduate mentee or a graduate student mentor in psychology via AccessGrads at UC Davis!

Our mission is to boost diversity in psychological sciences by encouraging students who may be interested in research but aren’t sure where to get started. 

To sign up or read more information, visit our website here.

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