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Service & Mentorship

Mentor to Thesis Student

Summer 2023 - current

  • Assist with writing an IRB protocol for study.

  • Collaboratively organize study design and stimuli.

  • Oversee data collection process.

  • Train on analyses in R.

Journal for Science Policy and Governance

Media Engagement Ambassador

June 2023 - April 2024

  • Contribute to the media engagement team to translate scientific findings to the public.

  • Propose capstone project to improve aspects of the journal related to engagement, policy, and accessible communication.

  • Foster peer-to-peer mentorship within the journal and gain professional development skills.

Access Grads, UC Davis

Recruitment Coordinator

Fall 2022 - Spring 2024

  • Recruit new undergraduate mentees and graduate mentors and create mentorship groups based on shared relevant research interests.

  • Boost diversity in psychological sciences by encouraging students who may be interested in research but aren’t sure where to get started. 

  • Advise and encourage motivated undergraduates through mentorship relationships to reach their goals and connect undergraduates to the scientific community at UC Davis.

Psychology Student Association, UC Davis


July 2023 - Current

  • Created an Alumni LinkedIn page for the Psychology department to facilitate networking and research connections.

  • Host annual conference to showcase undergraduate, graduate and post-doc research in the Psychology department.

  • Organize quarterly gatherings for the Psychology department, including hosting a conference dedicated to student’s research in the department and facilitating events for the accepted graduate student’s weekend.

  • Apply for scholarships for the department.

Mentor to honors thesis student, Davis CA

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

  • Edit and advise on her honors thesis, for which she was awarded a departmental scholarship and cognitive sciences commencement award.

  • Provide support and resources on a weekly basis for undergraduate student working as a research assistant relevant to her post-bac plans.

  • Financially supported by the UC Davis diverse mentorship fellowship.

Mentor to elementary school student, Orange County

Spring 2021 - Current

  • Meet with elementary school student monthly to discuss her science interests and women in STEM.

  • Foster her curiosity by virtually working on at-home experiments and reviewing different female leaders in science fields.

  • Help her family attain scholarships for summer science camps.

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