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Work Desk


Teaching Assistant

Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Fall 2023

>85% students rated effectiveness, accessibility, interest, and knowledge as ‘Very Good’ 


Cognitive Development, Summer 2023

"Lucy was very helpful and accessible. I couldn't make her Office hours but she was more than willing to schedule time outside of her regular OH to help me with my papers. She is a great TA!"

Social Cognition, Spring Quarter 2023

"[Lucy] had great communication with students both in-person and via e-mail, keeping us up to date with exam grades. They made it very clear that they were willing to discuss exam grades and meet with people as needed.”

Developmental Psychology, Winter Quarter 2023, 2024 

"[Lucy was] very detail oriented. Reached out to me with multiple resources and extra credit opportunities when I was struggling in course.”

Social Psychology, Fall Quarter 2022

“[Lucy] was very easy to get in touch with and explained concepts well.”

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